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American Sycamore

Platanus occidentalis • American Plane-Tree


The American sycamore is a large deciduous species, typically growing between 20-30 meters tall. It is native to parts of the United States, and Southern Ontario. This fast growing species is among the largest in eastern deciduous forest. It prefers low, wet areas with rich soil, the fibrous root system can cause damage to septic tanks. American sycamore is often confused with London plane tree which has more deeply lobed leaves. It is easily distinguished from other species by its distinct, greenish, white mottled bark.



Bright green above and paler underneath. Maple-like leaves with 3-5 shallow lobes.


Yellow with brownish hairs, balls on stalks that hang solitary.


Camouflage-like bark. Reddish-brown jigsaw-like scales that flake off to expose pale inner bark.


Tiny yellowish-green male flowers. Female flowers reddish.

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