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Prunus virginiana • Wild Cherry, Common Chokecherry


Tall shrub or small tree that usually grows 1-6 meters tall, however it can grow to be 10 meters tall. Chokecherry is a short-lived species found in exposed areas, open woodlands and streams. It can be found from coast to coast, and covers all of southern and central Ontario north to the tip of James Bay. All parts of the tree except the flesh of the fruit contain toxin, however the fruit is an important food source for birds.




Simple, alternate with pinnate veins and fine serrations on the margin. Leaves deep green above. narrow at the base and widest at the top closest to the apex.


Round and shiny fruit in elongated clusters. Usually a deep red to black colour.


Dark grey-brown and smooth or finely scaly, with lenticels (pores).

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