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Carpinus caroliniana • Muscle Beech, American Hornbeam, Smooth Barked Ironwood


Blue beech is a small tree typically growing up to 8 meters tall. It is native to North America and can be found in Southern Ontario, in forested areas around the edges of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, but also found around Pembroke and Renfrew and on Manitoulin Island. It may also be known as musclewood for its muscle-like ridges on the smooth-gray trunks. It can be found in rich, moist, shady sites, often near water.



Deciduous, simple, alternate. Bluish-green above and yellowish-green underneath. Doubly sharp toothed. Leaves 5-10 cm long.


Very smooth grey bark with muscle-like ridges.


Catkins, 2-4 cm long. Male and female flowers on the same tree.

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