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Jack Pine

Pinus banksiana • Banksian Pine, Grey Pine, Scrub Pine


A hard pine that is considered the most widely distributed pine in Canada.  Some jack pines are shrub-sized, due to poor growing conditions, typically grow up to 20 meters tall. They do not usually grow perfectly straight, resulting in an irregular trunk shape.  Jack pine is a fire-adapted species, with the cones remaining closed for many years until heat from forest fire melts resin allowing cones to open, burnt ground provides idea seed ground free from competition.


Needles evergreen, in bundles of 2, 2-4 cm long, straight or slightly twisted, stiff, sharp-pointed, light yellowish-green, spread apart; edges toothed. Bundle-sheath persistent.


Variable in shape, oblong to conical, asymmetrical, straight or curved inward, 3-7 cm long, yellowish-brown when mature, stalkless, usually pointing forward, often in clusters of 2 or 3 at nodes; usually remaining closed and persistent on the tree for 10-20 years. Scales 80, thickened at the tips, smooth(sometimes with a minute prickle), held close by a resin bond; opening when exposed to heat from a wildfire or sometimes from direct sunlight on warm days. Seed crops begin at 5-10 years and occur in most years thereafter.


Thin, reddish-brown, 3 mm long, often ridged; wing about 10 mm long.

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