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Downy Hawthorn

Crataegus mollis • Red hawthorn


Downy hawthorn is native to eastern North America, it typically grows up to 8-10 m tall and has a dense crown with thorny branches, although downy hawthorn is typically not as thorny as other hawthorn species. It can be found in wooded bottom-lands, the prairie border, and the mid-west savanna under-story, they often form thickets.  Hawthorn trees are often used in medicine.



Alternate, simple, deciduous; blades densely short-hairy above and woolly beneath when young, dark green, hairless above and slightly hairy beneath when mature


Mature bark brownish-grey, slightly scaly


White, unpleasant-smelling, 2-2.5 cm across; woolly, grandular-toothed, fused at the base


Bright red haws (round), usually thick-fleshed and mellow, hairy

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