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Larix laricina • American Larch; Eastern Larch


Tamarack is a medium sized coniferous tree, typically reaching 10-20 meters tall. Although it is a coniferous species, it sheds its needles annually unlike most conifers. It is widespread in Canada and the United States. The bark is traditionally used for tanning leather because of high tannin content. Tamarack grows best on moist, well-drained upland sites. Although, it is  able to grow in cold, nutrient-poor areas but results in stunted growth, small needles and narrow-scaled cones. It is often confused with European larch, which has larger cones.



Bluish-green soft, deciduous needles. Tightly spiralled in clusters of 15-60 needles.


Male and female cones on same tree. Male cones small and yellow, female cones pale brown when mature. Cones 1-2 cm long.


Young bark grey and smooth. Mature bark lightly reddish-brown with narrow, peeling scales. Newly exposed bark reddish-purple.

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