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Eastern Cottonwood

Populus deltoides


Eastern cottonwood is a large tree typically growing 20-40 meters tall, it is considered to be one of the largest North American hardwood species. It’s natural range is throughout eastern, central and southwestern United States, and some southern parts of eastern Canada. It prefers moist sites such as streams, rivers and lowland areas. The leaves are known to contain large quantities of protein. Populus species often hybridize with each other making it difficult to identify species in the field.




Deciduous, alternate, simple. Leaves shiny green above and pale beneath. Rounded-triangular shape with teeth. 3-5 warty glands at base of leaf.


Small green seeds, egg-shaped and pointed. The seeds contain cotton-like, silky tufts of hair.


Young bark smooth and yellowish-grey. Mature bark dark grey and furrowed.


Male catkins are red, 8-10 cm long while the female catkins are green, 7-13 cm long.

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