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Red Oak

Quercus rubra • Northern Red Oak, Grey Oak


Red oak is native to North America and is widespread in Ontario; it can be found east of Lake Superior and across central and southern Ontario. It usually grows anywhere between 20-30 meters tall and can be found in a variety of habitats, although it prefers dry, sunny slopes. The red oak needs room to grow — it can tolerate shade when it’s younger, but needs full sun as it gets older.The wood is extremely porous; if you dip a piece of its wood in soapy water, and blow on one end, bubbles will form on the other end.


Yellowish-green above and paler underneath with slightly hairy veins. Deeply lobed to shallow lobed, with 7-11 lobes. May just be toothed on younger trees. V-shaped lobes.


Round, leathery acorns, in singles or paired. Cup is hairless, with reddish-brown scales, and tips rounded. Acorns mature in second fall season.

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