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American Beech

Fagus grandifolia


The American beech is a medium sized tree that usually grows up to 25 meters tall but can live for more than 200 years. It grows across southern and central Ontario, as far north as the north shore of Georgian Bay and prefers moist, well drained soils. American beech nuts are edible and popular with many birds and mammals. Beech bark disease is currently threatening the species across its entire range.




Deciduous, simple, alternate. Bluish green above and paler underneath. Straight, parallel veins, each ending in a coarse tooth. Leaves 5-15 cm long. Leaves drop in fall, but may persist on saplings.


Small burs, with 3 smooth-shelled nuts inside. Bur is greenish to reddish-brown.


Mature bark is silvery-grey, smooth and thin.

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