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Tulip Tree

Liriodendron tulipifera • Tulip-Magnolia, Tulip-Poplar


The tulip tree is a fast growing, large tree typically reaching heights up to 35 meters tall. It grows only in a few parts of Ontario; on the south shore of Lake Huron, the north shore of Lake Erie, and in the Niagara Peninsula. The wood is used in furniture, construction and pulp and paper. It is found in deep, rich moist but well-drained soils. The nectar, seeds and young leaves are an important food sources for many small wildlife.


Bright green above and paler underneath. Large leaves with squared, notched tips, with 2-3 lobes.


Dry, green to yellow nutlets (samaras). 3-5 cm long. Hang in cone-like clusters.


Mature bark ash-grey to brown with rounded ridges.


Tulip-shaped greenish-yellow with orange bases and showy, 4-5 cm wide. Single at branch tips. Flower in May-June.

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