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Yellow Birch

Betula alleghaniensis


The yellow birch is a medium-sized tree — the largest of the birches that are native to Ontario, it can grow up to 25 meters tall. It grows across southern and central Ontario and into northern parts of the province. It can be found on rich, moist and shady sites. The seedlings often germinate on disturbed soils, such as roots of overturned trees. Although yellow birch does turn yellow in the fall, the tree gets its name from its bark, which is a golden yellow for much of its life. Valuable wood used for furniture, flooring, doors and tool handles.


Yellowish-green above and paler underneath. 9-11 straight veins on each side ending in a large tooth. Yellow in fall.


Alternat, simple leaves, oval shaped leaves. Teeth present on margin of leaf, veins on leaf are straight not curved.


Young bark shiny reddish-brown with horizontal lenticels (pores). Mature bark yellowish to bronze, and curling in papery shreds.


Tiny. Male and female flowers on same tree hanging in catkins. Flowers form in fall, and mature next spring.


Small, flat, winged nutlets. Held in long, cone-like catkins.

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