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Northern Catalpa

Catalpa speciosa • Western Catalpa, Cigar Tree


Northern catalpa is a medium sized tree that typically grows 15-30 meters tall. It is native to the mid-western United States however it is widely planted as a ornamental species in Canada.  It is adapted to moist, high pH soil and full sun, but has been able to grow almost anywhere in North America. It is found on roadsides, forest edges and fields. Northern catalpa is known for its large, heart shaped leaves and its bean-like pods as fruit.


Leaves yellowish-green above, and paler and hairy underneath. Heart-shaped, 10-30 cm long.


Green to dark brown bean pod-like capsules, 25-60 cm long. Hang in clusters of 1-3.


Mature bark reddish-brown with large, irregular, thick scales.


White with yellow stripes and purple spots. Bell-shaped. Flowers in clusters.

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