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European Mountain-Ash

Sorbus aucuparia


The European Mountain-Ash is a small deciduous tree, typically growing up to 15 meters tall. It is native to Europe and Asia and is a highly variable species widely grown as an ornamental tree in North America. There are many variations and subspecies associated with the European mountain-ash. The European mountain-ash prefers prefers well-drained, slightly acidic soils. It is distinguished from native mountain-ashes by very hairy twigs and leaves, and its downy white, non-sticky buds.


Leaves are pinnately compound and alternate with small teeth, about 4-9 leaflets present.


Green before they ripen and then typically turn to orange or scarlet in color. Clusters of small berry-like fruit which is bitter and high in vitamin-C.


Smooth gray bark with white streaks. Gray-black with lengthwise cracks in advanced age; it descales in small flakes.

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