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American Chestnut

Castanea dentata


The American chestnut was once a very popular tree species in Southern Ontario but due to a blight disease, it is now considered very rare. Prior to the disease, American chestnuts were known to grow up to 35 meters tall however most surviving trees now grow less then 10 meters tall. It is found on many sites, but most commonly on acidic and well-drained soils.


Deciduous, simple, alternate. Leaves yellowish-green and smooth. Oblong and 15-28 cm long. Veins straight, and leaves end in bristle-tipped teeth.


Large brown chestnuts (burs) found in a greenish, prickly husk. Mature in autumn.


Young bark dark brown and smooth. Mature bark with broad ridges.


Twigs are shiny reddish-brown. Buds greenish-brown, hairless, 2-3 scaled.

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