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Satiny Willow

Salix pellita


Satiny willow is a small shrub, typically growing 2-3 meters tall. It is native to North America and can be found in wet sites such as streams, river banks, and gravel shores. Because of their rapidly spreading and branching root systems, many willows are important in controlling erosion, especially along streams and rivers. It is frequently found along the north shore of Lake Superior in Ontario.



Alternate, simple, finely toothed. Blades dark green and hairless above, satiny white-hairy with a prominent mid-vein beneath; 4-10 cm long.


Tiny, in axils of dark brown or blackish, long-hairy bracts; 2-3 cm long.


Densely white silky-hairy, essentially stalk-less capsules in dense catkins 3-5 cm long.

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