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Osage Orange

Maclura pomifera • Hedge Apple Tree


Osage orange is a large shrub that typically grows between 8-15 meters tall. It was once restricted to small parts of the United States such as Oklahoma and Texas but over the past  years it has been widely naturalized in the United States and Ontario. Despite the fact that it is called “osage orange”, it is not related to the orange but closer related to the mulberries.  The roots are thick, fleshy, and covered with bright orange bark. Osage orange has the potential to invade disturbed areas.


Shiny dark green above and paler beneath, slender-pointed


Looks like large, dense, greenish-yellow, wrinkled ball. They have a sticky, white juice inside. Small seeds embedded in the fruit.


Orange-brown, irregularly ridged.


Male and female flowers on separate trees. Tiny, in dense round clusters on thin stalks.

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