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Pignut Hickory

Carya glabra • smooth-bark hickory


Pignut hickory is a large tree with a narrow crown, it typically grows 15-20 meters tall. It is native to nearly all of United States and is found in southern Ontario, although it’s range is very limited. It  prefers well-drained, acidic soil and full sun or part shade. It is quite drought-tolerant, and will grow well in sand or clay sites. The nuts of pignut hickory are very bitter and are often a last resort for many wildlife.


Deciduous, alternate, compound. 15-30 cm long with 5-7 leaflets. Dark green above and paler beneath, hairless. Largest leaves at end.


Yellowish-brown, pear-shaped, aromatic nuts. 4-ridged husks that splits into 4.


Young bark grey with pale crisscross markings. Mature bark rough with rounded ridges.

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