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English Elm

Ulmus procera


English elm is a large deciduous tree species with a dense and round crown, it grows 20-30 meters tall. It is a introduced species, native to England and Europe. It was once a popular species for landscaping and hedgerows, however the Dutch elm disease has diminished populations. The classification of English elm is very unclear, with many hybrids and varieties also going by the common name of English elm. It is found in moist, open sites such as forest edges and clearings.


Leaves are dark green and rough above, and finely hairy underneath. Asymmetrical base and edged with sharp double teeth. Veins often forked.


Greenish, hairless, winged nutlets (samaras) hanging in dense, tassel-like clusters.


Dark grey, rough and deeply fissured with small, rectangular plates.


Dark reddish hanging in tassel-like clusters. No petals. Flower in early spring.

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