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Shining Willow

Salix lucida ssp. lucida


Shining willow is a large shrub or small tree that typically grows 4-11 meters tall. It is native to northern and western North America. It can be found in wetlands such as marshes and riparian areas. Like majority of the willow species, shining willow are fast-growing, short-lived, and prone to disease and insect damage.



Alternate, simple, finely toothed. Blades reddish and hairy when young, dark shiny green and hairless when mature. 4-15 cm long


Tiny, in the axil of small, yellowish, thinly hairy bracts (catkins). 1-9 cm long.


Pale brown, hairless, 4-7 mm long capsules that split in half in June-July

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