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Crack Willow

Salix fragilis • Brittle Willow, Snap Willow


Crack willow is one of the largest willows in the world, growing up to 10-20 meters tall. It is native to Europe and western Asia,  Crack willow is widely planted as an ornamental shade tree in Canada. It is often found growing alongside rivers, lakes and watercourses. Crack willow is regularly planted to stabilize banks and prevent erosion. Branches of this willow are brittle and easily fall in windy weather, if the ground is moist fallen branches may root.


Alternate, simple, deciducous; blades green above, paler with a whitish bloom beneath; 7-15 cm long; edged with coarse, irregular, gland-tripped teeth


Mature bark deeply furrowed, narrow-ridged


Tiny, in the axils of small, pale yellow to yellowish-green, hairy bracts


Hairless, lance-shaped, 4-5 mm capsules in 5-8 cm catkins

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