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Red Osier Dogwood

Cornus stolonifera • Red osier


Large shrub to small tree, typically growing 1-4 meters tall. Red osier dogwood is native throughout northern and western North America. It is often found in damp soils, such as roadside ditches, damp areas of fields, stream banks, and wetlands. although it can grow well on dry sites as well. It is useful for stabilizing waterway banks because of its extensive root system. Reproduces easily through cuttings and is easily identified by its bright red twigs and branches.


Dark green above and bluish-green underneath. Bright red or purple in the fall. Veins run parallel along leaf.


The fruit is a round white berry, 5–9 mm diameter.


Dark red branches and twigs. White pith when cut.


Small, dull white and in clusters. Flowers in spring and summer.

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