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White Willow

Salix alba


White willow is a medium to large tree; typically growing 10-30 meters tall. It is native to Europe and western and central Asia, it gets its name from the white underside of the leaves. White willow enjoys moist sites such as streams and rivers with full sun, and often hybridize with other willow species such as the weeping willow. It is fast growing but relatively short lived,  seeing as it is highly susceptible to many diseases such as the watermark disease caused by a bacteria called Brenneria salicis (staining of the wood).



Leaves bright to greyish-green above and whitish and waxy underneath. Younger leaves are silky-hairy. Tapered at both ends with fine teeth.


Flowers produced in catkins in spring, male and female catkins on separate trees. Seeds dispersed through capsules.


Mature bark grey-brown, deeply fissured and very large.

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