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American Mountain-Ash

Sorbus americana • American Rowan-Tree, Dogberry, Pigberry


The American mountain-ash is a relatively slow-growing, short-lived tree typically reaching heights up to 10 meters tall. It is native to North America and can be found across Ontario and south of Hudson Bay. The American mountain-ash prefers moist ground but can also grow in rocky and dry soil, but it will be more stunted on rocky sites. The pretty flowers and leaves and bright colourful berries make the American mountain-ash a popular choice for landscaping.


Dull green, divided into 11-17 leaflets, sharp toothed. The leaves are arched.


Young bark is pale grey with horizontal pores, mature bark is reddish brown and a little bit scaly.


Bright orange-red fruit that looks like berries, mature in August-September.


Tiny, white flowers with 5 petals. Flowers in June-July.

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