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Glossy Buckthorn

Frangula alnus • Alder Buckthorn

Non-native (Invasive)

Glossy buckthorn is a medium sized shrub; typically growing up to 6 meters tall. It is native to most of Europe and spreads as far as western China, however it has been introduced and naturalized in North America. It grows best in wet soils and open woods, thriving in scrubs, hedgerows, wet heath-lands, river banks and bogs. Although it prefers acidic soils it can grow on neutral soils as well. It is often referred to as alder buckthorn because of its similar appearance to alders, however botanically speaking the species are unrelated.


The leaves are alternate and ovate. They have 6–10 pairs of prominently grooved and slightly downy veins and an entire margin.


Small black berry - 6-10 mm. They ripen from green to red in late summer to dark purple or black in early autumn.


The flowers are small, 3–5 mm. star-shaped with five greenish-white acute triangular petals. Flowering in May to June in clusters of 2-10 in the leaf axils.

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