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Norway Maple

Acer platanoides

Non-native (Invasive)

The Norway maple is a small to medium sized tree, typically reaching anywhere between 20-30 meters tall. It is native to Europe as its name suggests however it is widely cultivated as an ornamental species in North America. The Norway maple is a popular choice for urban planting due to their tolerant to urban stresses and rapid growth. It can be very aggressive, out-competing native species.


Leaves dark green and hairless. 5-7 palmate lobes. Milky juice from stem when broken.


Bugs showing opposite leaf arrangement.


Bark very dark grey with intersecting ridges.


Green to brown pairs of winged keys (samaras) with wings spreading at 180 degrees. Hang in clusters.


Greenish-yellow with 5 petals. Flowers in erect clusters at branch tips. Flower in April - May.

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