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Downy Serviceberry

Amelanchier arborea


Downy serviceberry is a small tree to large shrub, typically growing 5-12 meters tall. It is native to North America and is often found in southwestern Ontario. It prefers dry sites in fields, woodlands and clearings, or on rocky bluffs. Downy refers to the hairy leaves of younger trees. The fruits are important food for wildlife. Difficult to distinguish between different serviceberries because they often hybridize.


Leaves very white-hairy underneath and folded when young. Dark green and hairless above when older, and paler underneath with a few hairs. Leaves have sharp teeth and prominent veins. Stalks somewhat hairy.


Dark reddish-purple, tiny, berry-like apples.


Bark bluish-grey and smooth. Stems usually clumped.


White with 5 narrow petals. Forms clusters at branch tips. Flower in April-May.

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