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Eastern White Pine

Pinus strobus • Soft Pine


The Eastern white pine is Ontario’s provincial tree and can be found throughout North America and is widespread in Ontario. Eastern white pine will grow in any soil and fairs best with full sun, Eastern white pine averages 20 to 35 meters tall. It is extremely valuable in the forest sector, lumber is used for interior and exterior construction, woodworking, furniture and cabinets.


Bundles of 5 needles. Bluish-green, soft and flexible. Needles 5-15 cm long.


Male and female cones on same tree. Male cones yellow, small and clustered at base. Female cones light brown and woody when mature, often curved, 8-20 cm long.


Young bark greyish-green and smooth. Mature bark dark greyish-green with broad ridges of scales.

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