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Black Oak

Quercus velutina • Yellow-Barked Oak, Yellow Oak


Black oak is not a common oak species in Ontario, found in locally abundant populations in southern Ontario, concentrated around Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. It typically grows up to 20 meters tall and is associated with remnant areas of dry, tall grass prairie sites, but it can grow on heavier soils. Black oak is similar to red oak, but small differences do exist. Black oak leaves typically have fewer lobes (5-7) and deeper U-shaped notches. Easily hybridizes with red and northern pin oak.


Dark glossy green above and dull yellowish-brown underneath with star-shaped hairs on veins. Deeply lobed, with 5-7 lobes. U-shaped notches.


Mature bark dark greyish-brown to blackish, deeply cracked into squares. Inner bark yellow to yellowish-orange.


Round, leathery acorns, in singles or paired. Dull brown cap of overlapping scales, and tips have a small point.

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