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Northern Pin Oak

Quercus ellipsoidalis • Hills Oak, Jack Oak


Northern pin oak is a North American tree species, native to north-central United States and south-central Canada, although it is considered rare in Canada. It resembles pin oak but lives on more upland sites (dry, rocky, sandy) and acorns are elongated. It does well on poor soils and is the most drought tolerant of the black oaks. Northern pin oak is planted as an ornamental tree, popular for its bright red fall color and tolerance of infertile sandy soils. The wood is used for fence posts, fuel and general construction.


Long, shiny green above, some hairs beneath. Deep sinuses and sharply pointed lobes.


Acorns with hairy, light brown scales that cover 1/4 to 1-/2 of the acorn


Greyish brown with shallow ridges

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