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Heartleaf Willow

Salix eriocephala • Diamond willow, Narrow heartleaf willow, Missouri willow


Heartleaf willow is a highly variable willow species and as a result can be difficult to identify. It is native to most parts of Canada and the United States. The shrubby tree or tall shrub typically grows  2-4 meters tall. It is found in swamps, shorelines, dunes, ditches, stream banks, and other wet, sometimes calcareous sites; rarely upland. Heartleaf Willow typically has silvery galls caused by small insects.



Alternate, simple, deciduous, blades reddish and white-hairy when young, hairless and dark purplish-green above when mature, silvery-whitish beneath with reddish hairs along some veins


Tiny, in axils of dark brown bracts, in catkins


Brown, hairless or hairy, lance-shaped, 4-6 mm capsules on 1-2 mm stalks

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