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Cucumber Tree

Magnolia acuminata • Cucumber Magnolia


The only cucumber tree is the only species of magnolia native to North America, In Ontario, it is restricted to a few locations in Norfolk County and the Niagara Region.The cucumber tree can grow to be as tall as 30 meters. It was assessed as an endangered species in 2008. In Ontario, Cucumber Trees are found in upland moist deciduous or mixed forest habitats, where they grow in rich, well-drained soils, often in head-water areas or on rises within low swampy areas.


Simple, alternate, dark green, widest near the middle, oval to oblong shaped. Slightly hairy on the underside with a smooth margin.


Leathery dark red pods when mature. Cone-like clusters 5-8 cm long.


Greyish-brown, scaly, furrowed bark


Greenish-yellow with large, with 6 bell shaped petals

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