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Common Hop Tree

Ptelea trifoliata • Skunk Bush


Common hop tree is a small tree or shrub; growing up to 8 meters tall. It is considered a slow growing tree used as an ornamental species, the lowers smell like rotting flesh. Common hop tree is rare in Canada, though plentiful in the eastern United States. It is only known to occur in southwestern Ontario on the north shore of Lake Erie. It is listed as Threatened and is protected by the Endangered Species Act, 2007. It enjoys sandy soil and the edges of woodlands and shorelines.



Alternate, compound leaves divided into 3 leaflets. Pointed at the base, entire or serrate, and gradually pointed at the apex. Dark glossy green leaves above, paler underneath.


Winged nutlets (samaras). 2 seedcases surrounded by a flat, circular wing. Hang in dense clusters.


Young bark shiny reddish-brown, with lenticels (pores). Mature bark greyish, rough, scaly.


Greenish-white flowers. Foul smelling. Male and female flowers on separate trees. Flower in mid-June.

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