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Pacific Willow

Salix lucida ssp. lasiandra


The pacific willow is a subspecies of the shinning willow (Salix lucida). It is found at the interior of Alaska and Yukon Territory and south along the coast to California and New Mexico along the Rocky Mountains. It prefers Riparian zones with wet soil and full sun. The Pacific willow is considered one of the tallest native willows.


Lance-shaped, 5-12 cm long, tip often long-pointed and twisted, base rounded; finely toothed; midvein orange-yellow; upper surface shiny dark green, whitish and somewhat hairy beneath


Catkins on short leafy shoots; appear with the leaves. pollen catkins 2-4 cm long; seed catkins longer


Capsule narrowly conical, 6-8 mm long, light reddish-brown, hairless. Bracts shed before capsules ripen.

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