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Pin Cherry

Prunus pensylvanica • Fire Cherry, Bird Cherry, Red Cherry


Pin cherry is a large shrub or small tree typically growing 1-5 meters tall but can reach up to 15 meters tall. it is widespread in Canada, also growing in scattered locations across the United States such as the Appalachian Mountains  and rocky mountains. Pin cherry occurs in dry to moist open forests and clearings; it commonly occurs after fire or other disturbances. Pin cherry stones and leaves contain toxic cyanide, but the flesh is not harmful.



Leaves shiny green and hairless, long and slender-pointed. Edges have tiny, uneven teeth. Stalks with glands near the blade.


Bright red cherries, hanging in small clusters. Ripen in September-October.


Mature bark shiny, reddish-brown, smooth and peeling in horizontal strips. Also has orange-powdered, horizontal lenticels (pores).


White with 5 petals in clusters of 2-7. Hairy at the base. Flower in spring.

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