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Eastern Hemlock

Tsuga canadensis • Canada Hemlock


Eastern hemlock is a coniferous species native to eastern North America. It typically grows up to 30 meters tall and is found in southern Ontario. The eastern hemlock provides dense cover and food for wildlife including deer and birds. Prefers cool, moist, shady areas but will grow in a range of soil types. Some trees can live to 600 years. It has a conical shape with wide base that tapers into a thin top.


Dark yellowish-green needles that are flat and flexible. Some needles are shorted than others. 2 whitish bands underneath. 1 to 2 cm long.


Male and female cones on same tree. Male cones yellowish and round. Female cones light brown and dry, hanging on hairy stalks. Few scales on cones. 12-20 mm long.


Pollen cones are catkin-like and found on the lower part of the tree.


Young bark reddish-brown and scaly. Mature bark dark brown, furrowed and broadly ridged.

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