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Fireberry Hawthorn

Crataegus chrysocarpa


Fireberry hawthorn is native to Canada and the United States, it is a large shrub that typically grows up to 6 meters tall. It can be found near farmland, along streams and in forest openings, especially on soils rich in calcium in thickets. The round red haws of fireberry hawthorn are usually fleshy and mellow when ripe.


Alternate, simple, deciducous; blades are usually dull yellowish-green, often with slightly impressed veins above


Arranged in flat-topped clusters at the end of dwarf shoots. White, unpleasant-smelling, 1-1.5 cm across.


Similar to a small apple (a pome) with thin flesh and 1–5 seeds. Hairy, deep red (rarely yellow).

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