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Pin Oak

Quercus palustris • Swamp Oak, Spanish Oak, Water Oak


Pin oak is a tree native to North America, it is particularly abundant in Ontario, at the east and west ends of Lake Erie, but has been planted as an ornamental beyond this range. It grows up to 20 meters tall and tolerates urban conditions well. The pin oak has a shallow, fibrous root system, making it one of the easiest native oaks to transplant. It is among the first oaks to bloom each spring. Bitter acorns ideal wildlife food.


Leaves dark shiny green above and paler underneath with hair tufts on veins. Very deeply lobed, 5-7 lobes. Notches are U-shaped.


Mature bark greyish-brown, and smooth with small ridges. Inner bark reddish.


Round, leathery acorns. Clumped in 1-3. Cup is reddish-brown, finely hairy, and with pointed scales.


Small, male and females on same tree. Male flowers hanging in catkins. Female flowers in clusters of 1-4. Flowers in early spring.

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