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Common Hackberry

Celtis occidentalis • Northern hackberry, American hackberry


Common hackberry is the largest native hackberry, growing up to 15 meters tall. It is found in scattered locations across southern Ontario, from Windsor to the Ottawa Valley. It grows commonly in moist bottom-lands near rivers and lakes but has proven to be a very adaptable species for dry, windy sites and urban areas. In a forest, northern hackberry will form a tall, high canopy, but when planted in the open, will grow as wide as tall, so give it ample space.


Bluish-green, sharp teeth and rough to the touch above, paler and some hair below.


Small, orange- reddish, berry-like fruits. Often rurn dark purple in the fall.


Brownish-gray with thick, corky ridges. Yellowish gray to light brown with yellow streaks.

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