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Asimina triloba • Common Pawpaw, False Banana


PawPaw is a small deciduous tree native to eastern North America. In Ontario, it is restricted to the Carolinian Forest zone in Southwestern Ontario. It can grow up to 10 meters tall and thrive in sites where other plants might not do well such as floodplains and shady, rich bottom-lands Distinguished by its three lobed flowers and large fruits. Found in floodplains and woodland site in sandy or clay-like soils. It can form dense colonies using suckers and as a result can be easily propagated using root cuttings. Ripe fruits are consumed by numerous wildlife.



Green leaves with reddish-brown veins underneath. Leaves smell when crushed. Widest at tip, and tapered at the base. 15-30 cm long.


Yellowish to brownish fruit, with yellow to orange flesh. Cylindrical to pear-shaped. Mature in October.


Mature bark thin with warty bumps.


Pale greenish-yellow to reddish-purple, smelling very unpleasant. Bell-shaped, with 6 petals- 3 small and 3 large, hanging in clusters. Flowers in May.

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