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Mountain Maple

Acer spicatum • Dwarf maple, moose maple and white maple


The mountain maple is a small maple species, typically growing 5-10 meters tall. It is native to North America and is the most northerly maple in Canada. It can be found in moist woods, thickets, swamps and rocky ravines. This tall shrub is extremely important in riparian systems, where the dense layering that occurs from roots and new shoots helps to prevent erosion on banks. It is often confused with other shrubs, but distinguished by its fruits.



Leaves yellowish-green above and whitish-hairy underneath. Saw-toothed edges, with 3 lobes above half of leaf and sometimes 2 lobes below the half. Lobes are wedged-shaped notches.


Greenish-grey to reddish bark, smooth or finely grooved.


Bud showing opposite leaf arrangement.


Red to yellow, or pinkish-brown pairs of keys (samaras). Wings angled at 90 degrees or less. Hang in clusters. Mature July-August.


Pale yellowish-green with 5 petals. Flowers in groups of 2-4 and clustered.

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