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Black Locust

Robinia pseudoacacia • Common Locust, False Acacia

Non-native (Invasive)

Black locust is a medium sized tree with long compound leaves, it typically grows up to 25 meters tall.  It is native to the Appalachian Mountains and Ozark Plateau, with its native range reaching from central Pennsylvania to Alabama and Georgia. However due to its durability and adaptability it is widely planted and naturalized throughout Ontario. It is considered an invasive species in Ontario. Black locust can survive in many ecosystem and soil types, including nutrient poor soils, readily colonizing disturbed or damaged ecosystems. It is cold hardy and can withstand weather extremes, such as prolonged droughts, giving it an advantage over many native species.



Compound, pinnately divided leaves, with 7-19 leaflets and a terminal leaflet. Leaflets on a long stalk. Leaves dull green.


Reddish-brown to black, flattened hairless pods. Pods in clusters.


Mature bark dark brown and furrowed and scaly.


White flowers with a yellow blotch on upper petals. Hang in loose, showy clusters near tips. Fragrant.

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