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Pumpkin Ash

Fraxinus profunda


Pumpkin ash is a species native to North America, primarily found in the United States and southern Ontario. It is a medium sized tree, usually growing up to 25 meters tall. The pumpkin ash is a rare species that was recently discovered in the 1900’s. It can be found in cool, wet environments such as swamps. The pumpkin Ash gets its common name from the bases of mature trees, which tend to swell in wet habitats, resembling pumpkins.


Leaves dark green above, and yellowish-green, soft-hairy underneath. Compound pinnately divided into 5-9 leaflets with smooth edges. Central stalks are wooly.


Pale green to yellowish winged nutlets (samaras) that are dispersed by wind and water. Single and widest above the middle, hang in clusters.


Mature bark greyish with thin intersecting ridges in diamond patterns.

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