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Eastern Redbud

Cercis canadensis


Eastern redbud is large shrub or small tree; typically growing between 6-9 meters tall. It is native to eastern North America, original population found on Pelee Island is thought to be extirpated in Ontario and Canada (no longer exists). However, the northern most range is Toronto and can be found in some sheltered locations near lake Huron.The natural range of this small tree is difficult to establish as it is commonly planted as an ornamental and has escaped cultivation. It can be found growing in urban environments.


Alternate, simple, bluish-green above, paler underneath. Heart-shaped or cordate.


Reddish-brown, flat pods, tapered at both ends. 5-10 cm long. Pods hang in small clusters.


Young bark greyish and smooth. Mature bark reddish-brown and scaly.


Pink, showy. Flowers in clusters.

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