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Black Maple

Acer nigrum • Hard Maple, Rock Maple


Black maple is a medium sized deciduous tree, typically growing 20-30 meters tall. It is native to North America however it is restricted to the Midwestern United States, eastern United States and Southern Ontario. Black maple is often referred to as a subspecies and is closely related to the sugar maple. Identification can be confusing due to the tendency of the two species to form hybrids. Can be found in fertile sites bottom-lands and floodplains.


Leaves appear wilted. Dark green above and velvety brown underneath. 3 lobes separated by shallow notches, edged with blunt-pointed teeth.


Young bark smooth. Mature bark blackish-grey with long, vertical ridges and sometimes scaly.


Green to brown pairs of winged keys (samaras). U-shaped with parallel wings.

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