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Showy Mountain-Ash

Sorbus decora


The showy mountain-ash is found across almost all of Ontario, except for the southwestern tip of the province. It typically grows up to 10 meters tall and is an adaptable tree that can grow in moist or rocky and poor soil. The fleshy fruits provide important winter food for many birds and small mammals, persisting on branches above the snow when other fruits are scarce. Showy Mountain-Ash is very similar to American Mountain-Ash but the flowers of the American Mountain-Ash appear 10-12 days earlier.


Alternate, deciduous, horizontal, 10-25 cm long; compound, pinnately divided into 13-17 leaflets; bluish-green.


Young bark light greyish-green to golden-brown with conspicuous, horizontal pores; mature bark becoming slightly scaly.


Shiny, orange-red, berry-like pomes, 8-12 mm across.


White, tiny, hairy stalks in dense, 6-15 cm wide, many-branched clusters.

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